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About Us

Our Story

Knowledge Empowers Management, Marketing, and Communications (KEMMCOM) was born out of a desire of its founders to build institutions by combining our corporate development, business, and communications expertise across five countries.

We saw, read, witnessed, and lived through the stories of big brands and visible personalities, but weak institutions who didn’t outlive the life of their founders. We met and worked with some of the most talented and inspiring people in the world, helped them manage their growth, and learned from their mistakes.

We think what we know can help other institutions consolidate gains and learn from the mistakes of others. Our journey has so far taken us through a slew of public and private companies who are testaments to our quality delivery.

Purpose And Values

We are driven by the purpose of solving complex problems that affect companies, industries, regions, and countries.  At our core, we are institution builders and business enablers who take the patient approach to developing business, corporate, market, and communications. 

The depth of our solutions lies at the core of what we deliver to clients. This is the result of rigorous research, attention to detail, and an obsession with granularity.

We have very high-quality standards for the work that we do. We live by it. Our clients are testaments to this.

We want our delivery to transform the work of our clients and the wider community they serve. Through our work, we will also transform people, systems, companies, and countries.

Our Team

Elshadai Negash

CEO, Head of Corporate Affairs Practice

Kalkidan Girma

Partner, Head of Corporate Development Practice

Wengel Tesfaye

Project Manager

Tewodros Cheru

Project Officer

Tewodros Tena

Project Associate

Natnael Abunu

Project Associate

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