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Digital Skills and Education

From underpaid teachers and inadequate teacher training to curricula with shortcomings to address challenges of the present and future, Africa’s education sector faces numerous challenges. Yet, one of the most significant weaknesses in the sector is a lack of proper digital skills education for students. Although Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is now taught to students at primary and middle school levels, there are still gaps in the teaching materials that encompass what students need to know to enhance their digital capabilities.

From September to December 2022, KEMMCOM ran a programme in collaboration with Meta that educated students about safe and responsible social media usage. At the end of the programme, KEMMCOM had trained over 11,000 students and equipped over 50 schools in Addis Abeba to continue providing the training with or without KEMMCOM’s assistance.

KEMMCOM continues to expand its understanding of digital skills and expand its capacity to arrange similar trainings throughout the continent. As part of the support, KEMMCOM partners with the private sector, international organisations, and the public sector to build capacity of students, teachers, schools, and education systems to meet the challenges of our digital future.

KEMMCOM partnered with Meta to create awareness on the safe and responsible use of social media. As a partner fully engaged in Ethiopia that understands the impact of irresponsible social media use, Meta was instrumental to support the My Digital World programme in Ethiopia. The programme trains teenagers in school to navigate the digital world based on critical thinking. Nearly 10,000 students took the training with an overwhelming support from teachers and schools.

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