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Telecommunication and technology

Africa’s telecommunications sector, along with the continent’s ever-expanding technological sphere, is one of the continent’s most swiftly growing domains—its potential future expansion remains stunningly significant. This market of over 1.3 billion people highlights Africa’s inherent diversity while expanding business opportunities for telecommunications and technology companies, especially given increasing mobile phone ownership and internet entry rates across the continent. Recent years have demonstrated governments’ conscientious attention through notable programmes such as the African Union’s Data Policy Framework (link), the Interoperability framework for digital IDs (link), its digital transformation strategy and initiatives like the Smart Africa Alliance (link) and Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) (link). Although visible barriers such as insufficient infrastructure, limited access to necessary capital investments, and the demanding administrative protocol continue to be problematic, Africa’s telecommunications and technology industry consistently attracts both conspicuous innovation and lucrative investments presenting significant enticements for market players and enterprising individuals operating in this sphere of economy.

KEMMCOM will contribute to the development of Africa’s technology and telecom industry by supporting the development of business services, development and implementation of Product Strategies, and advisory services to service providers on go-to-market strategies, delivery models for value-chain participants, and user-centric delivery of their business strategy.