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The media and creative sectors are expanding, and the private sector role in this growth sector across Africa is at the heart of the growth story.

KEMMCOM played a leading role assisting the Office of the Attorney General (now called the Ministry of Justice) with the drafting and stakeholder consultation of the Ethiopian Media Proclamation that was ratified by the Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives in 2021 and helped introduce digital media as a regulated sector for the first time.

KEMMCOM continues to provide advisory services to clients in the media sector by supporting corporate strengthening, product strategy, discovery of new business models, and robust regulatory support to clients with the support of partners.

When Jakenn Publishing PLC embarked on corporate strengthening in 2019 and needed expertise on how to standardise and scale its flagship product Addis Standard, it called on the services of KEMMCOM’s Media Practice Area to guide the process through research, big picture taking, and valuable insight.

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One of the key areas up for reform following the coming to power of Abiy Ahmed in March 2018 was media, a sector dominated and controlled by the state. The country’s two media laws, the Freedom of the Press and Broadcast, were enacted in 2004 and were also outdated and out-of-purpose for the fast evolving digital space in the country.

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