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Vacancy : Content Development and Localisation Consultant (Roaster) – Sahel Region

Position : Content Development and Localisation Consultant (Roaster) – Sahel Region
Floating Period: N/A
Job Description:

KEMMCOM’s Corporate Affairs Practice Area is seeking a skilled Content Development and Localisation Consultant to support our digital literacy projects in the Sahel region. The consultant will play a critical role in designing and developing engaging digital content and adapting it to suit the local languages, cultures, and contexts of the Sahel. He/ she will collaborate with the project team to create high-quality educational resources, ensuring they are accessible, culturally relevant, and aligned with the specific needs of the target populations.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Collaborate with the Digital Literacy team to design and develop interactive content.
Adapt existing content to suit the local languages, cultural norms, and educational standards of the Sahel region, ensuring maximum accessibility and relevance.
Conduct thorough research and analysis to identify the specific needs and preferences of the target audience in the Sahel, incorporating those insights into the content development process.
Work closely with subject matter experts and instructional designers to translate technical concepts into clear, concise, and engaging content.
Ensure compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws when sourcing and incorporating third-party content into the educational resources.
Ensure accurate translation and cultural adaptation of content, maintaining consistency and quality throughout the localisation process.
Incorporate feedback from stakeholders, users, and evaluators to continuously improve the content and address any identified gaps or areas for enhancement.
Stay updated on emerging trends, best practices, and advancements in digital literacy and educational technology, integrating relevant innovations into the content development process.
Develop assessment frameworks and evaluation methodologies to measure the effectiveness and impact of the digital literacy content.
Ensure adherence to project timelines, deliverables, and quality standards, while effectively managing multiple tasks and priorities.

Qualifications :

Master’s degree in Education, ICT, Computer Science, or a related field.

Experience & Skillset:

Proven experience in developing educational content, preferably in digital formats, with a focus on digital literacy or related fields.
Strong knowledge of instructional design principles and best practices in youth and adult learning.
Familiarity with the education systems, cultural nuances, and local language requirements of the Sahel region.
Expert-level written and verbal communication skills in English and proficiency in local languages of the Sahel region (such as French, Arabic, and others, etc.).
Ability to adapt content to diverse learning styles, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
Detail-oriented with exceptional organisational and project management skills.
Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
Self-motivated and able to work independently while meeting project deadlines and deliverables.
Knowledge of digital literacy trends, educational technology, and open educational resources is desirable.
Experience in evaluating and assessing educational content is a plus.

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