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Ethiopia Launches a Bitcoin Project

By: 2M Editor
Published On: 27 February 2024

Ethiopia is embarking on a groundbreaking USD 250 million bitcoin mining and AI data center project, spearheaded by BitCluster.

With the goal of becoming a leading force in the global digital economy, the country is utilizing its renewable energy reservoirs to drive forward the progress of bitcoin mining and AI development. An integral part of this ambitious endeavor is Project Mano, designed to tap into Ethiopia’s renewable energy sources. Its aim is to set a precedent for the integration of these technologies into Ethiopia’s economy.

The project involves constructing a large facility near the Kilinto high-voltage substation in Addis Ababa, strategically positioned to capitalize on Ethiopia’s abundant hydroelectric power from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

With plans to host over 34,000 Antminer S21 200Th miners, the facility is expected to contribute significantly to the bitcoin network hash rate. This move aligns with Ethiopia’s vision to become a hub for technological innovation and sustainable development, attracting global attention and investment in its tech sector. By integrating bitcoin mining into its economy, Ethiopia anticipates substantial GDP growth and positioning itself as a leader in clean energy-driven bitcoin mining.